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Super Street Fighter 4 Mac Download

Super Street Fighter 4 Mac Download Full

Have had this Ultra Street Fighter IV version of this game since it came to Steam about Oct 2015. Best playonlinux wine version for my particular hardware combination has been 1.7.4-CSMT (32-bit as 64-bit version wasn't selectablce AFAICT in re to this game or perhaps in re to Windows verion of steam w/in playonlinux even though I could download it. Haven't tried every last possible wine version since would be way too daunting. Only other tested versions were 1.54 xliveless... mentioned by a previous commenter here (didn't work probably b/c game isn't totally the same or b/c of HW differences), and 1.5.3 xliveless... (which I believe was the default on POL 4.2.10 I am using). Since none of those worked for me, I tried the last version I remember having relative success with (1.7.4-CSMT). Game runs relatively good considering my HW limitations (52-67 fps in in-game benchmark) & should no doubt run smoother on newer pc or perhaps if I overclock the CPU. Audio is correct. In-game videos (FMV's) don't display b/t matches as neither does the Nvidia logo at start but the game is spot on otherwise. Should run 60 fps on much more capable/newer pc. Resolution is at 1680x1050. Need more powerful setup to play online w/minimal lag.

Street Fighter 4 Download Free

PC SPECS: INTEL Q6600 2.40 GHZ ; 8 GB DDR2 1000 MHZ; AMD HIS R9 270