Sap Predictive Analytics Download For Mac

Using AWS CAL instance i’m having trouble connecting Predictive Factory URL => http://win-a8ehn9122nk:6405/PA/login.html

Sap Predictive Analytics Download For Macbook

SAP Analytics Cloud. Our cloud-based predictive analytics software works alongside the BI and planning tools in SAP Analytics Cloud – so you can discover, visualize, plan, and predict in context. Use in-memory technology and machine learning to uncover relevant predictive insights in real time. Installing Predictive Analytics Client/Server software. To install the Client/Server version of SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics, the user guides that you need to refer to depend on the environment where you want to install the client and the server.

Successfully instantiated a Predictive Analytics 3.2 – openSAP Demo Instance

Sap Businessobjects Predictive Analytics

Able to exercise all the demos using the Predictive Analytics Desktop

Able to Connect to HANA using Eclipse on the Windows Desktop

**** UNABLE to logon to Predictive Factory ****


URL => http://win-a8ehn9122nk:6405/PA/login.html is unable to connect to the server.

Sap Predictive Analytics Download For Machine Learning

I confirmed that Windows Service Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) is running.

Sap Predictive Analytics Certification

I have restarted SIA a couple times too with no success.