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Roxio advertises POPCORN as a copier for non-encryted DVDs, of course, they know that many consumer are not buying the product for this reason. Popcorn has the ability to burn a dvd from VIDEOTS files. Therefore, using a free DVD ripper program, you can create backups of your DVDs very easily. Popcorn works perfectly, and should be priced higher. Roxio Popcorn was developed for Mac OS as a CD, DVD authoring and media conversion utility. Popcorn had excellent features offering easy extractions of media files from optical disc and converting them in any format. Popcorn also had options for the users to share their video on Youtube instantly. Roxio PhotoShow is a web service that lets you share photos and videos with friends and family by creating PhotoShows Ð slideshows with music, captions, animated graphics, transitions, and effects. You can organize and watch your PhotoShows using your personal web page, a unique URL for your content that you can share.The Roxio Online basic service is free. What Roxio Popcorn 4 Patch kind of archive format are the download files of all software?; I received the order confirmation email but not the second email with my download links. I just placed an order but have not received any email?

Roxio Mac Software Store - Toast Titanium is the essential compliment to the Mac OS and iLife. Roxio Popcorn is great for copying DVDs and converting video files on a Mac. Easy VHS to DVD for Mac is the perfect product for transferring VHS Tapes to DVD.

Roxio Popcorn is a tool that has been designed with the aim of copying DVDs and converting video files between formats. You have the option of working with physical DVDs, disc images or video files.

The program can be used to convert videos from one format to another including high definition AVCHD and QuickTime ready for playback on a variety of devices including portable devices such as iPhone and iPod. The same can be achieved with DVDs with the added bonus that a dual layer disc can be compressed to fit on a standard single layer DVD.

If you are working with footage you have shot using your own digital camcorder, it is likely that you are not interested in using everything you have recorded. Popcorn can be used to select individual clips or chapters that should be used in a project.

Videos can be converted into FLV format and uploaded directly to YouTube. Coupled with the disc copying options on offer, the program provides a number of ways to share videos with others. Anyone looking to copy commercial DVDs will be disappointed as this is not possible, but this should come as no surprise.

Although Popcorn operates quickly, there is no getting away from the fact that video editing and conversion is a very processor intensive task. With this in mind, the program provides the option to schedule large conversion jobs for times when your computer is not being used for other things - such as over night. Touches like this, and the streamlined interface, make Popcorn a joy to use.

Note that Popcorn won't rip or copy encrypted or copy protected DVDs/video. You'll need DVD ripping software such as Handbrake to make backups of your own commercial movies.

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There is no trial of Roxio Popcorn. For this reason, this review is for information purposes only and links to the purchase page where you can buy the product.

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With its tightly focused task set and low price, Popcorn is a great tool for any one working with their own video looking to put it to good use.