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Ezvid is considered as one of the best free movie maker that can be found. Trusted Mac download Movie Maker for Mac 3.0.1. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Movie Maker for Mac alternative downloads. A movie maker is not just an editing tool. It’s the soul of the end product we create. It is the doorway to the life we are going to show up to the audiences. So any person who works with a movie maker will have the intention of bringing life to his characters.Let it be a drama or a real life incident, the neat and clear cut editing and manipulation of the video will take it to the next.

A movie maker is not just an editing tool. It’s the soul of the end product we create. It is the doorway to the life we are going to show up to the audiences. So any person who works with a movie maker will have the intention of bringing life to his characters.


Let it be a drama or a real life incident, the neat and clear cut editing and manipulation of the video will take it to the next level of viewing experience. Let’s see some wonderful editors that might help you to give wings to your imaginations.

Dvolver – Unbelievable Features!

The best word to explain Dvolver is unbelievable. Yes, the interface is just unbelievable that it enable you to create a video in clicks! Just clicks without installation! When lots of software packages boast of ease of use and ease of access Dvolver the right model to them by showing his highly interactive website and user-friendly UI.

Kizoa – The Online Tool

Kizoa movie maker allows you to create awesome movies online. You heard it right! It’s also another user-friendly package void of those boring installation steps. This package allows you to add effects, transitions, and text to your movies. It also enables you to share your end product with anyone you like.

Movie Maker For Mac Free Download

Rehan’s Movie Maker Corner – As Simple it is

Rehan’s Movie Maker corner is a very simple but effective utility that can enable you to come up with stunning movies. Along with its various transitions and attractive effects, it just makes the movie an unforgettable experience. The success formulae of Rehan’s Movie Maker corner lies where the developer releases the package compatible with almost all operating systems.

Nawmal – Teach & Study

Nawmal excites you with those awesome movies made by you .It enables you to create your own animated videos for e-learning and classrooms. It is specially tailored for the needs of teachers and students. It is one of the best choices for an interactive classroom. The UI is interesting and funny at the same time.

Mini Movie Makers – For the Movie Maker in you

Movie Maker Mac Free Download Deutsch

Mini movie makers also have a very interactive UI and a fascinating website. Focusing on the kids, and their interest in generating videos, the interface has been created as simple as possible. It can add transition effects, special effects, sound, text and other animations to your movies. The storyboard integrated with the package is a very impressive feature.

Ephnic – For MAC

Video Maker Mac

Ephnic is the movie maker for MAC.It helps you to create some sweet home movies consisting of your dearest moments, lovable songs and some amazing effects. You can simply import the photos and videos and can add background music to it. These videos will be a long-term memory with the assurance and quality of MAC.

VirtualDub – For the Windows Lover

VirtualDub is a video processing utility, tailored for the Windows users. Licensed under GNU licensing, it assures the best performance in the market. Rather than a video trimmer or editor, it has a lot of features and very cool facilities that will make you stick on to the same. The video can be cleaned up and could be exported to other sources if required.

Wax 2.0 – Fantabulous Movie Maker Ever

Wax 2.0 is one of the most recommended video editor software packages on the Internet. With its awesome transition effects and special effects, it can turn an ordinary movie to something extraordinary. The effects associated with Wax are just fantabulous. The animations and the integration of songs are really cool.

Movie Maker Alternative Software – Making Fun, in Minutes

Movie maker software is the one which helps you to create, edit and manipulate videos. If you are passionate about making quick movies from photos with a background score to gift your best friend for his birthday, you can simply use the movie maker alternative software packages to get it done. Instead of collecting and reorganizing those living pictures into a lifeless mug or frame, you can convert into a real life film. Yes! Film.

If you love filming and have some awesome pictures with you, you can make it into super awesome ones who will reflect your caliber. Have you ever wondered if this song didn’t have this scene? Just download the movie maker alternative software, and change the sequence in a few clicks. Amazing. Right?

A few years back, all these were limited to those who have worked in studios or those who have a familiarity with the title field. Others, even if the wish didn’t have an alternative. If they had, there weren’t any good choices. But now it’s time for them to celebrate!

Movie Maker Alternative Software – Easy and Efficient Installation

Installation of movie maker is a very easy process. Rather than confusing with detailed instruction manuals and to do lists, it can be installed by referring to the websites from which they are downloaded. If the parent website demands a registration, you can register with your genuine details so that further updates of the software will be received through email.

The steps of installation normally contain a step to confirm that you are ready for installation. If yes, you will be asked for the location to save the file. Once you confirm the same, the installation process will resume itself and will be completed in minutes.

Movie Maker Alternative Software – Fun Element Saved as Some Unmemorable Movies

Movie Maker alternative software is the one which helps you to bring up your creativity in the form of film or movie. When you read this phrase, you might think that the use of this software is limited to the media people. But no! Its uses are not limited to any category.

For Passionate Editors

Those who have the passion for movies can use this to blend up their imaginary stories into a movie. Those who would love to react to the social incidents through short films and documentaries can certainly use this tool. Research students can shoot their findings and can edit them with this software to generate an end product which is in the video format.

For Teachers

Professionals can use it to create training materials to the juniors. Some interesting facts and figures can be included in a mini video and can be edited into an awesome clip to convey your ideas more interestingly. Teachers can collect relevant information

VSDC Free Video Editor – The Best Windows Movie Maker Alternative Software

VSDC Free Video Editor is a freeware that comes with unbelievable features and mind blowing effects. When considering a freeware, the users will normally expect something which has limited uses or something which might crash in the window. But unbelievably, VSDC has made the nail hit to the bottom. Freeware with full pace performance is a feast to the users.

Magisto – The free Android Movie Maker Alternative Software

Magisto free video maker and editor are one of the best in play store. Along with the safety assurance of play store, it can be downloaded and used by the Android users with pleasure. The features included in the software are awesome, but the interface is more beyond that. This is one of the apps with the greatest reviews in play store.

Movie Maker Alternatives that you will love

iMovie and blender have been recommended by a lot of MAC users for their effects and animations. While in windows the most demanded ones are the Videospin and the VirtualDub. In Android, the completion is far higher. Still, MAgisto, VideoFx, nd Video maker pro has received a lot of good feedbacks and have gained a lot of fans!

Wondershare Video Editor and Maker – The Best Choice for MAC

Wonder share video editor and maker for Mac is very popular and highly demanded software over the MAC world. Along with the very positive feedbacks, this downloadable movie maker can work offline or online. This gives the end user, the flexibility, and comfort to work on his time, at his place.

Filmora Video Editor is the king of 2016.Along with the compatibility with both Windows and MAC, it has really got a set of very interesting features. It trims slips and fits any movies to your preferences. The end product quality are really a wonderful output and you can create professional looking videos with this effective maker!

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It is time to express yourself in a new way – make your own movies using movie maker software download for Windows 7 or movie maker software download for Windows 8.


You can also use movie maker software download for XP, movie maker program, photo movie maker software download, movie maker software download new version or movie maker software download, free. full version!

1. Windows Movie Maker

This useful Windows tool is a video editor and creator and you can download it for free!

  • Ideal for beginners – user friendly interface and easy to use
  • Special tool that allows you to add titles and credits
  • Preview option available
  • Includes many video and transition effects
  • Exports to several formats – publish it on a website, or record it in a CD
  • Advanced users may find it a little limiting

2. Videopad Video Editor – Making movies has never been easier!

Create professional looking videos in minutes using Videopad by NCHSoftware.

  • Drag and drop video clips
  • Over 50 effects and transitions available
  • Adjust video speed – slow down, speed up or reverse
  • Create videos for DVD, HD, Youtube, etc.
  • Edit video from any camcorder
  • Import videos of any format – avi, wmv, mpv, divx
  • Use sound effects from free Sound Effect library
  • iPad and Android versions available

3. Bolide Movie Creator – Full featured HD video editor

Use Bolide Movie Creator to make homemade movies in a jiffy!

  • Optimized for the modern multicore CPUs
  • Ideal for home users
  • Optimized for HD video processing
  • Easy to use software for beginners
  • Free trial version
  • Split, join, merge video clips and photos
  • Add background music to your video
  • Save in various formats – mkv, avi, wmv, flv, mp4
  • Add text comments and transition effects
  • Compatible with Windows 7

4. Xilisoft Movie Maker – A professional movie making software

Easily make videos of professional quality using Xilisoft movie making software.

  • Numerous video formats supported – avi, mpeg, mp4, rm, rmvb, flv, mov, wmv, etc.
  • Free trial download – full versions costs$39.95
  • Edit videos – clip and trim videos, crop video images
  • Enhance quality of videos by adding transition effects and audio tracks
  • Drag and drop video clips to the movie list quickly create a movie
  • Mac version available

5. Easy Video Maker – Movie making made easy

Use this powerful video editor and movie creator to make professional quality homemade movies.

  • Cool special effects
  • Mass produce your videos or movies
  • Numerous formats supported – Youtube, Facebok, Vimeo, iPhone, Ipad, Andriod device, etc.
  • Create both 2D and 3D videos
  • Powerful video editor – cut, trim, change video color, zoom in/out, video chroma key, adjust video speed, etc.
Movie Maker Fur Mac Free Download
  • Powerful audio editor – mix, merge, split, audio chorus, adjust speed, etc.

6. Auto Movie Creator – Movie editing and photo slide show creation Software

Let your imagination run wild and create movies easily using Auto Movie Creator.

  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • Free trial download
  • Buy full version for $39.95
  • No need to learn how to work the program – built-in Assistant Director Wizard guides your steps
  • Drag and drop various special effects
  • Create titles and credits for your movie
  • Special web-ready formats for streaming

7. ImTOO Movie Maker – Turn your favorite video clips into a stunning movie!

Use ImTOO, a professional movie making software to add that professional edge to your movies.

  • Free trial download available
  • Buy full version for $49.95
  • Mac version available
  • Various output formats, can be played in devices like Zune, XBOX, PSP, iPod etc.
  • Add audio track
  • Support for newest iPhone 4
  • Full screen preview
  • More than 20 professional transitional effects – Ripple, Mosaic, Diamond, etc.

8. Slide Show Movie Maker – Making movies has never been more fun!

This simple movie making software is ideal for beginner movie makers.

  • 100% free – no registration process or paid upgrades
  • Create an AVI video from a series of bmp or jpg images
  • Attractive text overlays add a professional touch
  • Special effects like fade in, fade out, etc.
  • User friendly and clean interface – easy to get accustomed to
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 98, 95

9. Magix Movie Edit Pro – A high-quality professional movie making software

One of the best movie editing programs, Movie Edit Pro is sure to become your favorite!

  • Import wizard – import videos from a large range of sources
  • Edit all kinds of videos simultaneously in one project
  • Storyboard Mode for easy movie-making for beginners
  • Slide Show Maker – automatic video editing
  • 4K Ultra HD support
  • Edit XAVCS video files
  • Color correction, chroma key effects, title editor

10. Kate’s Video Toolkit – For all your video editing needs

This free software is an easy all-in-one video solution to make your movie making a breeze!

  • Can convert a variety of formats into other video formats – avi, mov, wmv, mpeg, etc.
  • Over 70 3D transition effects
  • 50+ stunning special effects
  • Supports Windows Vista and 7
  • Mix audio and video files, edit, adjust frame aspect ratio, preview

Let loose the ideas in your heart and create a professional quality movie with any one of these free movie making software at your disposal – download and begin making your own masterpiece!

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