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Download the Selected Keynote Template Color-X Keynote Template available on Envato Elements. Click on the Download button to download your chosen Keynote template. Unzip and Open the Template in Keynote. Once you download a zipped file, double-click to unzip it and in the folder find a template file, with.key ending. DOWNLOAD Hera Free Keynote Template. If you want to find a simple template but still elegant, the Hera Free Keynote Template is for you. With three cold colors are black, grey and costa, this free keynote theme will make your audience feel comfortable and pay attention to your presentation. All graphics are resizable and editable.

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Download the latest version of DesiGN Templates for Keynote for Mac - Free themes for Apple Keynote. Read 0 user reviews of DesiGN Templates for Keynote on MacUpdate. Keynote sets the stage for an impressive presentation. A simple, intuitive interface puts important tools front and center, so everyone on your team can easily add beautiful charts, edit photos, and incorporate cinematic effects. Templates Expert – Templates for Pages, Keynote 6.0 Full version – is an excellent pot-pourri of 1000+ designs of symbol images and for Keynote & Apple’s Mail. Read more at Mac App Store link.

With its powerful tools and dazzling effects, Keynote makes it easy to create stunning and memorable presentations, and comes included with most Apple devices. Use Apple Pencil on your iPad to create diagrams or illustrations that bring your slides to life. And with real‑time collaboration, your team can work together, whether they’re on Mac, iPad, iPhone, or using a PC.

Keynote sets the stage for an impressive presentation. A simple, intuitive interface puts important tools front and center, so everyone on your team can easily add beautiful charts, edit photos, and incorporate cinematic effects. And Rehearse Mode lets you practice on the go, with the current or next slide, notes, and clock — all in one view.

Start with a gorgeous layout.

Choose from over 30 eye‑catching themes that instantly give your presentation a professional look. Or create your own slide designs, background images, and page‑by‑page customization.

Create next-level animations.

Add drama to your presentation with more than 30 cinematic transitions and effects. Make your words pop by adding textures, color gradients, and even photos — with just a tap. And animate objects along a path using Apple Pencil or your finger on your iPhone or iPad.

See a few examples of Keynote animations

Make every slide spectacular.

Choose from over 700 Apple-designed shapes, galleries, math equations, and charts. Take a photo or scan a document with your iPhone, and Continuity Camera can send it straight to Keynote on your Mac.

What’s new in Keynote.


Play YouTube and Vimeo videos right in Keynote.

Embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo, then play them right in your presentations, without the need to download or open the video in a media player.*


Outline your presentation. Easier.

With outline view for iPhone and iPad, quickly jot down your thoughts, restructure ideas, and move concepts from slide to slide. Then, switch to slide view and start designing.


Turn handwriting into text. Magically.

With Scribble and Apple Pencil, your handwritten words will automatically be converted to typed text. Take notes, write a presentation, or annotate text fast and easy.

Showcase videos like never before.

Play videos and movies continuously across slides, without the need to start and stop, or edit them into clips.


Align objects to motion paths.

With just a tap, you can point an object in the right direction, and it will stay pointed in the right direction as it travels along a path.

Present over video conference.
Like a pro.

Keynote for Mac allows you to play a slideshow within a window, instead of full screen, so you can access other apps and files while you present.

You don’t work in one place on just one device. The same goes for Keynote. Work seamlessly across all your Apple devices. The slides you create using a Mac or iPad will look the same on an iPhone or web browser — and vice versa.

You can also work on presentations stored on iCloud or Box using a PC.

Work together in the same presentation, from across town or across the world. You can see your team’s edits as they make them — and they can watch as you make yours, too. Just select a name on the collaborator list to jump to anyone’s cursor.

Add color, illustrations, and handwritten comments for more beautiful presentations with Apple Pencil on your iPad.

Teaming up with someone who uses Microsoft PowerPoint? Keynote makes it a great working relationship. You can save Keynote documents as PowerPoint files. Or import and edit PowerPoint documents right in Keynote.


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Welcome to our site! We are happy to see you here. Dozens of multipurpose unique elements and templates are gathered on the site for you and other employees, businessmen who deal with presentations. Our slides will become your assistants! On this page, you can observe Free presentation template.

What is the template for?

Frequently, companies do not pay enough attention to a proper presentation of the business to potential investors. Before you look for an investor, you have to do serious preparatory work that will help the business owner to present the company correctly and get the desired amount of money.

This work consists of preparing informative basis that should describe the business in the best possible way. These documents and data should all be ready at least 90% for the moment when you begin to search the investors because they do not wait for a long time. In other words, if you do not put a presentation of your business on the table today, tomorrow heshe will be filled with dozens of other proposals. Our great keynote templates will help you to attractively represent all necessary information.

However, the timeliness of investment documents in dealing with an investor is only half of the matter. The attention of the investors will depend on the quality of these documents and their representation.

Why is the presentation so widely used?

The presentation is the basis from which the development of a business plan begins.

Keynote Free Download For Windows

  • The presentation is easy to edit, so you can easily experiment with your speech.
  • The presentation consists mainly of illustrations, infographics, charts and other visual elements with a small amount of text, so it encourages you to talk about important perspectives instead of getting in details.
  • You can change the flow of the speech if you see that the audience a bit tired. It’s easier for you to skip 2-3 slides than 8 pages of an excellent written business plan.
  • The presentation successfully visualizes complex information;
  • It serves as your support. Looking at the keynote backgrounds free, you can refresh some points, coherently develop the topic.

So, if you feel that you need the presentation anyway, you better start with it before moving on to writing a business plan.

Where to use the presentation

If you are trying to find supporters who “buy” your story – potential customers, strategic partners, consultants or employers – the presentation often becomes the best guide for them.

When addressing to professional investors – business angels or venture funds, the presentation is an obligatory option. Sometimes an investor can ask you to send not a summary or a business plan, namely a presentation (although a complete business plan is also necessary). If the investor invites you to hisher office, the presentation will help to build the structure of the meeting.

The composition of the template

This Free presentation template is designed especially for all versions of Keynote software. It is comprised of 14 unique ready-made slides of high quality. This template is well-equipped with a full set of necessary built-in tools so you can work efficiently and conveniently. The template includes a standard set of slides that are required for any project. There are few slides with charts and illustrations. This template serves as the basis for the presentations. It has a clear structure what allows you to logically allocate information and coherently develop your topic. Free fonts are used. Retina ready and necessary Aspect ratio are available.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. All our free keynote templates for mac including this one are of excellent quality. We guarantee the they won’t have any defects if you display them on high-resolution screens. Unfortunately, sometimes the speakers face trouble when their visual aid loses quality or has visible pixels, for instance. It happens due to a poor quality of the template. Thus, pay attention to the quality of the chosen template. It is important if we speak about the first impression and reputation. If the speaker wants to demonstrate hisher competence, impress the listeners, everything should be perfect and the presentation serves as the image-maker in such cases.
  1. Free download. Do not lose such excellent opportunity and download free keynote for mac! No need to pay. Just get it and work with pleasure!
  1. Built-in tools. Applied vector elements make it possible to edit such built-in tools as shape, size, colors, etc.
  1. Modern design. Each professional speaker is aware of the fact that the presentation’s design is not a secondary characteristic. Properly chosen design underlines your expertise and demonstrates skills. Moreover, it is able to set the mood: thus, too bright themes for keynote free will distract the listeners from the subject of the speech while too dark ones will depress them. Therefore, it is advisable to choose more neutral shades and themes. Our template is made in minimalistic design that looks stylish and smart.
  1. Visualization tools. Each presentation requires a number of visual elements without which it will be boring and monotonous. This template includes animation for presentation free download. On the sample, you can see several slides with charts. Their functions are:
  • to diversify the project and speech itself;
  • to convert complex data into clear charts;
  • to simplify the process of topic perception.
  1. Multipurpose template. This free keynote download template is suitable for various events and occasions. Due to its basic slides and structure, it can be used either for different marketing, business projects, reports, or school presentations, medicine, science, etc.
  1. Premade easy-to-use slides. The employees do not have to be computer literate or have additional skills. Due to its ease of use, the template is available even for beginners. This Free presentation template helps the employees at work simplifying their working process and saving time.
  1. Free 247 support