How To Download Tegrity On Mac

  • How to: Install Mac Recorder. Log in to Tegrity like you normally do and navigate to a course. Locate and click Start a Recording (Instructors) or Start a Test (Students) or Start a Recording (Students). The button will fade and change to Launching.
  • How do I download and playback a Tegrity class recording on a PC? How do I download and playback a Tegrity class recording on a Mac? How do I view Tegrity class recordings offline? How do I download the podcast of a Tegrity class recordings? When I attempt to play a Tegrity recording using Mozilla Firefox, it says player requires a missing plug-in?
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  2. How To Download Tegrity On Mac
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Click on Tegrity Classes in the Course Navigation. Click the checkbox to the right of the video name that you want to download.

Due to changes in the Privacy Settings for Mac OS 10.15.x Catalina it is necessary for Mac users to manually grant permission for the following items:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Screen Recording

You must allow all items to ensure successful recording.

Note: If Tegrity is already installed, uninstall the application and delete any download files and empty the Trash.

Please read and follow the instructions below to complete installation and setup:

Access Tegrity in the usual manner, or by following your institution’s instructions.

From your Tegrity course click the required recording button:

    • Start a Test

Tegrity App For Pc


    • Start a Recording

Note: your institution will have determined which recording options appear in your course. If you only see one button please click it to start the installation.

NOTE: If you receive the error below, Click OK, navigate to the downloaded file in the Downloads Folder. Right click the file and select Open. Folllow the prompts to install.

After installation Click “Start a Test” or “Start a Recording” from the Tegrity course webpage. DO NOT try to launch Tegrity locally from Applications.

When the recorder launches for the first time two prompts will appear asking for permission to access the Camera and Microphone.

Please click OK for both: Required



When the recorder interface opens follow the steps to the final “Record” button. Here you may see a warning to allow Tegrity to record your screen. Clcik OK and close the recorder.

Check the Privacy setting to ensure Screen recording has been premitted.

Option 1:

Click the Apple from the top left of the menu bar

Select System Preferences

Option 2:

Click the System Preferences icon from the Dock

Select the Privacy Tab

Select Tegrity in the application window and scroll to “Screen Recording” in the permissions window. If the box is already checked close Preferences and start a recording from the Tegrity course page.

If the box is not checked follow the steps below:

Click the lock (bottom left) and enter your Mac username and password when prompted

Click Screen Recording in the left panel and then check the box to the left of the Tegrity Icon in the application panel

Click the lock to lock the setting and close the Security and Privacy window.

Launch Tegrity from the Tegrity course page

Create a one-minute test recording. If you receive any errors regarding the Microphone, Camera or Screen Recording open System Preferences, select Privacy and unlock the lock. Review the Tegrity options are checked for Microphone, Camera and Screen Recording.

If errors persist take screen captures of any messages and document at what stage the error/s occur.

Contact support for further assistance.

Unless your instructor has disabled the feature, all students are able to download class recordings onto their computers. This means that Tegrity recordings can be viewed anywhere and at any time, even without an internet connection. Downloading courses to your computer makes studying convenient, especially if you’re studying from a place where internet access is unavailable, such as in an airplane or outdoors. All of your recordings are available 24/7.

Note: These instructions are on how to download and playback recordings on a Mac. For instructions on how to download and playback recordings on a PC, click here.

Note: Before proceeding with these instructions, please turn your browser pop up blocker off.

There are two ways to save Tegrity recordings to your computer:

1. From your Courses page:

a. Click on the course title where the recordings you wish to download are located

b. To the right of each recording you will see a check box, check the recordings you want to download

You may select multiple recordings
The amount and length of selected recordings will impact download time

c. When the recordings are checked, roll your mouse over “Recording Tasks” and click “Download”

Tegrity Download Manager should launch or you will be prompted to install it

d. The Download Manager will open

If not, please ensure you have enabled pop-ups on your web browser

e. Click “Yes

f. On the next window click “Continue”

g. Enter your Mac password when prompted and click “Install software”

You will receive a message stating “The installation was successful.” Click “Close”

You are now ready to select and download multiple recordings.

2. You can also find the download icon on the Tegrity playback screen


How To Download Tegrity On Mac

a. Click the download icon

b. The Tegrity Download Manager should launch, or you will be prompted to install it (See steps above)

c. The download will start automatically

Note: By default, your recording has been saved: Users>User_Name>Videos>My Tegrity Recordings>Sessions


Playing back your Tegrity recording requires that you select the correct file inside of the folder where your recording is located.

1. Click on your recording’s folder

The folder name will be something like: AWS Research Course_Fri, Nov 06, 12 10 PM_2e74cc0f-db58-4861-985f-b9ea9f84de62

This folder will contain two folders:



Your recording files are in the “Recording” Folder

Tegrity Download Windows 10

2. Double click Default.htm

How To Download Tegrity On Mac High Sierra

Your “default” web browser will open (although no internet is needed) and your downloaded recording will play with all activated functions, such as bookmarks and controlled playback.