How To Download Shapeshifter Mod Mac

If you’ve grown to hate the way your character looks, then you’ll appreciate the ShapeShifter 1.4.7 mod. ShapeShifter gives players the ability to change the way their character looks at the touch of a button.

How To Download Shapeshifter Mod Mac

To access this mod, simply install it then press the ‘U’ key. Once the ShapeShifter menu is open, players can instantly change their player model and all player animations. Instead of turning into another Steve lookalike, however, players turn into different types of animals.

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ShapeShifter allows players to turn into just about any animal in the game. Each animal form has unique abilities that can actually help players as they move around the map. For example, pressing ‘G’ allows some animals – like the chicken – to fly around the map, and it causes other creatures – like the mighty golem – to launch an attack.

Other abilities are purely aesthetic. For example, pressing ‘G’ after turning into a wolf will cause you to sit down. There are far too many abilities to list here, and part of the fun of the ShapeShifter mod is discovering which kinds of animals can perform which abilities.

Minecraft Shapeshifter Mod Download Free

If you’ve grown weary of your weak human form and aspire to become something more powerful, than ShapeShifter 1.4.7 can help. From spiders to ocelots to creepers, there are more than enough creatures included in this mod to keep players entertained.

How to install ShapeShifter Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

Step 1) Download ShapeShifter here

How To Download Shape Shifter Mod Mac Os

Step 2) Extract the ShapeShifter .zip folder

Step 3) Drag all of the .class files from the mod’s folder and drag them into the Minecraft.jar folder (overwrite the files when prompted)

Step 4) Fire up Minecraft and start playing! Press ‘U’ to access the ShapeShifter menu and ‘G’ to perform animal commands.

ShapeShifter Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7, 4.3 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

Download file (Step 1)

How to download shape shifter mod mac download

Shapeshifter Mod Mcpe

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Minecraft Shape Shifter Mod Download

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Shapeshifter Mod 1.12.2

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