Fidelity Active Trader Pro Mac Download

  • Links To Download Fidelity’s Trading Platform: 1. Active Trader Pro for PC 2. Active Trader Pro For Mac. Getting Started: After you’ve completed the install, it’s time to login. You should see an icon with the Fidelity logo called “Fidelity Active Trader Pro®”. If you don’t see.
  • Fidelity Active Trader Pro Cost Fidelity requires 36 trades in a consecutive 12-month period to use Active Trader Pro. The broker recently started allowing its customers to try out the program on a trial basis if they don't meet this requirement. There is no other requirement or cost for Active Trader Pro platform.
  1. Fidelity Active Trader Pro Level 2 Download

Active Trader Pro Review Wizard to choose a restore point. Mike T I and Features. Active Trader Pro® is imus Both. Troubleshoot And Fix Fidelity Active Trader Pro Cost. The file is then saved and, you can safely allow plug-ins to function. Use this version if you are on a PC able to use any programs on your PC. With Active Trader Pro. For the first-time user, there is also an. Online demo of Active Trader Pro availab Le on ram by clicking You may also access additional, in-depth information available on from the Education link located under Tools on the Main Menu or by enabling the Education button in the Function. The 1.0.31 version of Active Trader Pro for Mac is provided as a free download on our software library. Active Trader Pro for Mac lies within Business Tools, more precisely Vertical Market Apps. This Mac download was scanned by our antivirus and was rated as safe. The latest setup file that can be downloaded is 244.7 MB in size.

Understanding how to use the Fidelity Active Trader Pro will make your life so much easier. On top of that, you’ll be able to quickly find what you’re looking for. So whether you’re margin trading, or just checking your portfolio you’ll find this tool very insightful. In this article I’ll show you how to use Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro Platform in addition to showing you some of the features.

1. Requirements To Use Active Trader Pro:

Fidelity does require you have an open account with a total balance of $25,000 or greater OR place 36 or more trades in a rolling 12-month period. If you meet these requirements you the platform should automatically be available. However, if you call customer service and talk to a rep they are able to add this requirement for you. You will have two different options. There’s an online version (support by your browser) or you can download a copy as an application. Personally, I’ve had poor experiences with the web based version from running very slow to having to restart the application due to stock data not being updated.

Links To Download Fidelity’s Trading Platform: 1. Active Trader Pro for PC 2. Active Trader Pro For Mac

2. Getting Started:

Fidelity Active Trader Pro Mac Download

After you’ve completed the install, it’s time to login. You should see an icon with the Fidelity logo called “Fidelity Active Trader Pro®”. If you don’t see it try clicking the windows start button and type “Fidelity” in the search window. It should pop-up (at this time I’d recommend right clicking on it and creating a shortcut for your desktop). The first time opening the app may take a minute or two, so be patient. You’ll be promoted to enter your username and password. Once you login you should see something similar to the screenshot below. Now, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry you’re not the only one.

Fidelity Active Trader Pro: Main Screen


3. Fidelity Active Trader Pro Menu:

At the top of the tool you’ll find the menu. If you begin to browser through the different menus you’ll notice this is a fairly complex tool. For this reason I’m going to focus on the basics that are important to every investor and I’ll cover the view I use.

  • LAYOUTS: Lucky for you Fidelity has provide some pre-built layouts such as: Investor, Portfolio Monitor Technical Trends, Option Trader, ect. Recommendation: Select one of the layouts that best describes your investment profile. This is a great starting point and as you become more comfortable you can customize the layout to fit you.
  • ACCOUNTS: Will have windows that give you more information about your accounts. I have a number of different accounts with Fidelity including: a 401k plan, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA, Personal Brokerage Account and a Checking Account. By using the Find Position in All Accounts I can a full list of my current holdings in a equity that is in both in my retirement and personal account.
  • TRADE & ORDERS: If you’re wanting to make a quick trade you can do so by clicking Trade. One of my favorite windows is the Trade Armor. This allows you to only display one equity at a time, but if you own the stock (oh have at one point) you’re able to see a summarized view of the P&L. In addition, you are able to make trades from this window.

Fidelity Active Trader Pro Level 2 Download

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