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The bestselling FATE series returns! As the hero of FATE: The Cursed King, play through an exotic new realm full of surprises. Fight your way through vast and varied dungeons on your quest to break the terrible curse that threatens your home. FATE: The Cursed King has new weapons (of course), more spells (a necessity), unique armor (sweet loots) and AI-controlled allies! This FATE game IS A PARTY. In FATE: The Cursed King, disaster threatens your home! Can you break the curse or will the city of Ekbatan be forever doomed?

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KingFate The Cursed King Mac Download

This page contains only Mods for the game of FATE: The Cursed King. If you want other Mods, the best place for you can see all our Mods is by visiting the Mods by Author page.

Organization Notes:
Hopefully, you will find most of the MOD categories are self-explanatory, but a couple may need a bit of explanantion. GUI refers to all mods that affect the look of the graphical user interface. Modded changes to things like fonts, menus, buttons, on-screen maps, etc. Simple Mods contains everything not in another category, from items like potions and gems to user-made dungeon textures.
We have tried to eliminate any cross-postings. Each category has specific requirements to qualify for that category and we try to place each Mod into the highest category possible, so look for what you want in your category of choice or simply browse through, there should be no duplicate listings. Enjoy!!

Note: These Mods are provided as is with no warantee as to suitability or stability. Each download contains a link to directly download the file, a description of what the Mod does, a link to the developers website (if available), and a link to the forum discussion about the Mod (if it can be found) or at least its full description. If tested by our team of Mod Testers, the names of the Testers will appear after the authors name. Mods are listed alphanumericaly by file name within each section. Each section contains a different type of Mod as indicated by the section description.

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Prospective Mod Authors:
All Mods submitted must be submitted using the information contained under our Submit link shown on the right in the NavBar. Any MOD must address most if not all agreed upon criteria for a category to be included in that category.

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Those entries with a star (*) after their name are further broken down into sub-menus of categories.