Download Free Roku Remote For Mac

  1. Download Roku Remote For Free
After a bit of hobby programming and playing with the External Interfaces doc in the SDK, I have put a ROKU remote online at . This remote isn't quite as developed as the more popular iPhone app, but has a number of nice features and is on a new platform. Features include:

With Roku, the official app for the device of the same name, you can convert your Android into a remote control to quickly access thousands of movies and TV series right on your TV.

Download Free Roku Remote For Mac
  • Installation on Dashboard in Mac OS 10.4.3 or higher
  • User input IP with indicator (Red for invalid IP, Orange for a Valid IP that doesn't respond as a ROKU, Green for Valid Roku)
  • Support for most commands available in the SDK
  • Keyboard support for commands (arrows, plus those identified on the back of the widget)
  • Keyboard mode where typing is sent directly to the ROKU for input screens

Download Roku Remote For Free

Some notes:
  • Certainly beta software, if anyone has any ideas they'd like feel free to post
  • Developed using Apple's Dashcode software, some components are generated.